Eden Academy

In the grip of festive Ts├╝ngremmung fervor

Mokokchung, August 2 (MTNews): Festive fervor continued its grip on the district as the Ao community celebrated Ts├╝ngremmung for the second straight day. Various events were held to celebrate the festival in the town as well as the villages. Apart from the elaborately organized festivities, there were also fun fair and other entertainment activities reported …

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Eden Academy Cultural Day

Eden Academy observed its Cultural Day for Early Program (EP)/Kindergarten Kids on 30th April 2022. The cultural celebrations are biannual events of Eden Academy where students and mentors experience the rich ethnic heritage. One is held for the Lower Grades and one held for the Higher Grades during the time of Moats├╝ and Ts├╝ngremmung.   …

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