The 14th Music Awards of Nagaland 2022 awards presentation ceremony will be held on 10th December, 2022 at Nagaland Bamboo Resource Centre, 6th Mile, Sovima, Chümoukedima from 5:00 PM onwards. The glittering awards ceremony will also feature performances by renowned artistes Temsu Clover, Psycho K4, African Amakishiu, JV Kelio and Kevi Zumvü.


Awards will be given away in 18 different categories covering diverse genres. This event is being held in collaboration with NBDA and Department of Tourism, Nagaland and also supported by TaFMA, Techno Music India, Cinescope, Red box, Loreni Wardrobe, Myriad Branding (Branding Partner) and Hills FM (Radio Partner).


The event will be graced by Dr. Andrew Ahoto Sema, Chairman, Livingstone Foundation International as Special Guest.





Luke Kenny

The Chief Judge once again for this year’s edition will be the well-known actor, film director, producer, music director, composer and former VJ Luke Kenny. He had a successful stint as the first male VJ on Channel V. He also served as the head of music programming at Channel V till 2008.

He gained widespread recognition for his role in the 2008 rock musical drama ‘Rock On!!’. This cult film made the actor a household name.

Kenny has also been a contributor to various news columns. He used to write “If I may say so” for the Hindustan Times and “Lukebox” for Rolling Stone India.

In 2011 he became the channel head of 9XO, a 24/7 international music channel. In 2013, he produced and starred in India’s first zombie film, ‘Rise of the Zombie’.

Recently, Kenny came into prominence for his role as the hired mercenary Malcolm Murad in the Netflix series ‘Sacred Games’. He has also portrayed the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb in the film ‘Tanhaji’.




Dr Tolto Metha

Team Member, NBDA


– A Judge for Naga Idol (First 3 seasons)

– Vocalist of White Fire, a gospel rock band based in Guwahati

– Freelance writer on musicians and bands.

– Member of the ‘Rattle and Hum Music Society, Nagaland’. Organised Handshake Concerts in 8 different countries

– Member of XL, Nagaland. Organised the 1st Hornbill International Rock Contest

– Founder of ‘Save the Amur Falcons in Nagaland’ and ‘Save the Trees in Nagaland’




Sunep Lemtur


Sunep Lemtur is a renowned professional Singer, Song Writer, Actor, Producer, Director, Composer and an Entrepreneur.

In the year 2019 he captured millions of viewers on YouTube with the Nagamese song “Mintu Loves Pinky” which got attention even outside the country.

Presently, he stands with more than 2 Lacs subscribers on YouTube and consistently giving millions of hits in a row.


These are some of the prestigious awards, which have boosted him to achieve laurels in his music career:-


1. Best Rap/ Hip-Hop 1st Music Awards of Nagaland in the year 2009.

2. Best Song Writer Award in the year 2009 for the song “I CARE”, organized by NSACS Govt of Nagaland.

3. Best Video Direction in the year 2016 at Music Awards of Nagaland.

4. Best Music Video Award in the year 2016 at Music Awards of Nagaland.

5. Best Fusion Song Award at Music Awards of Nagaland.2016

6. Best Instrumental Songt at Music Awards of Nagaland2018

7. Best Folk Fusion Song at Music Awards of Nagaland 2018.

8. Received YouTube Silver Creator Award 2021.

9. Governor’s Award Recipient 2021.

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