The Salangtem Youth Union (SYU) has successfully kicked off its first-ever Open Futsal Tournament, marking a significant milestone in empowering and promoting youth in the region. The tournament, themed “Focus to Endure,” commenced today and will run for three days until June 22nd. This thrilling event showcases the futsal talents of 31 teams from Mokokchung and neighboring districts, all competing for the prestigious inaugural championship title.




With the patronage of the Mokokchung District Football Association (MDFA), the tournament aims to provide a platform for young players to display their skills and foster their mental and physical development. The state-of-the-art Mojabi Futsal Turf, situated in Salangtem Ward, serves as the venue for the competition.


One of the tournament’s highlights is the enticing cash prizes awaiting the top-performing teams. The champions will be awarded a generous cash prize of Rs 60,000, while the runner-up will receive Rs 40,000. Additionally, the third-place team will be honored with a cash reward of Rs 10,000.


The tournament commenced with a series of 11 matches on the first day. The teams features both seasoned players and newcomers, ranging in age from teenagers to middle-aged adults
Off the court, there were plenty of activities to keep the spectators engaged. Fans enjoyed delicious food and beverages from various stalls as they cheered on their favorite teams.



The first match of the tournament was played between Junior FC and Plan B (Black Jersey). Plan B emerged victorious with a score of 6-1


The opening ceremony earlier in the day featured Jamonger Ao ADS, F&CS, Mokokchung as the guest of honor. In his speech, the guest of honor praised SYU for organizing such a much-needed event. He emphasized the need for Mokokchung to catch up with Nagaland and the world in various areas, including sports, music, and more. He encouraged stakeholders including organizations, churches, officers, and individuals to take action and prioritize results over mere discussions about progress. Furthermore, he urged the community to support and motivate young people to participate in sports, highlighting the benefits of physical and mental strength as well as discipline.


Short speeches were also delivered by Lanuakum, Chairman of Salangtem Ward, and Meyisanger Lemtur, President of MDFA, further adding to the event’s significance and enthusiasm.


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