Mon, June 28 (MTNews): As an addition to the current community health centre in the Tobu Block of Mon District of Nagaland, United Way of Bengaluru and CSR partner Thermo Fisher stepped forward and built up a 30-bed modular facility, type C ambulance, dentistry and paediatric medical equipment, reported biospectrumindia.

This modular setup has been equipped with advanced medical equipment that would benefit patients as well as the medical fraternity, it was reported.
The 30-bed modular facility has been designed by Modulus Housing, a start-up from IIT Madras. These units have long durability, for at least 20 years.


A medical facility was needed in the Tobu Block to serve 32 communities with a combined population of more than 50,000 people. Only five Public Health Centers (PHC), four sub-centers, and four health and wellness centers were present in the region.

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