Season 5 of the 35+ Mokokchung Football League kicked off on 30 March at the Imkongmeren Sports Complex in Mokokchung. Six teams are competing in the league that is exclusively for players above the age of 35 years: Revenant FC, New Ecclesia, Wasang FC, Trebuchet FC, Senso SC, and Terokroker FC. Limanungsang, President of the All Ward Union Mokokchung Town (AWUMT), was the special guest at the opening ceremony.

mokokchung football league
Players, officials and guests before the inaugural match of the 5th season of 35+ Mokokchung Football League between Revenant FC and New Ecclesia on Saturday, 30 March 2024, at Imkongmeren Sports Complex, Mokokchung.

In his speech, Limanungsang highlighted football’s universal appeal. He commended the organizers for creating a platform that promotes physical activity and encourages people to step outside their comfort zones. He urged them to continue this initiative annually.

The special guest also addressed the growing trend of physical inactivity due to technological advancements. He encouraged veterans to inspire younger generations to participate more actively in sports.

He emphasized the physical and mental benefits of playing sports, stressing that there’s no age limit for participation. He mentioned that playing for just 3-4 hours a week can significantly improve health and fitness.

Limanungsang expressed optimism for the league’s success, where 20 matches are scheduled for Fridays and Saturdays throughout the season.

Aongsen chaired the program, with Chubayanger delivering the invocation. Jamonger, Additional Director, Food and Civil Supplies, GoN provided the welcome address. A special performance by Imlichila Kichu followed. Imliyapang led the oath-taking ceremony, and player introductions preceded the official kick-off.

Mokokchung football
The 5th Season of 35+ Mokokchung Football League was kicked off by Limanungsang, president, All Ward Union Mokokchung Town on 30 March at Imkongmeren Sports Complex, Mokokchung.

Match Reports
The opening match featured the defending champions, Revenant FC, against New Ecclesia. Rongsenchiba of Revenant FC scored the league’s first goal in the 3rd minute of the game, followed by Temsutoshi in the 59th minute, securing a 2-0 victory for Revenant FC.

The second match saw Wasang FC triumph over Trebuchet FC with a score of 4-1. Tsupongsangba of Wasang FC secured the league’s first hat-trick, while Moakaba managed a goal for Trebuchet FC. Tsupong scored his first goal in the 20th minute which was equalized by Moakaba just 3 minutes later. However, Tsupong once again scored in the 35th minute to give his team a 2-1 lead at halftime. Tsupong completed his hat-trick in the 50th minute while Chubangangnen added another goal for Wasang FC in the 50th minute, solidifying their win by 4-1.

The last match of the day displayed fierce competition between Senso FC and Terokroker FC. Imliyapang of Terokroker FC scored the lone goal of the match in the 56th minute, giving his team a decisive victory.

Wasang FC is sitting at the top of the points table on goal difference while Trebuchet FC is languishing at the bottom. However, it is still too early in the season to predict the winners but it will be interesting to see if Wasang FC or any other team in the league can dethrone Revenant FC, the team that has won all of the previous four seasons of the league.

mokokchung football table

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