The 43rd Asetkong Kaketshir Telongjem Mungdang (AKTM) general conference, which began on January 10 culminated here this evening.


Three sessions were held on the third and final day of the conference. The first session featured the display of traditional folk items by various units, while the second was the business session of the conference during which various reports were tabled, resolutions adopted and new office bearers for the tenure 2023-2026 elected. Winners of the various competitions held during the three-day conference were also felicitated.


Newly appointed office bearers and executives of AKTM


The conference concluded with a session of music and entertainment presented by several musicians in the evening at Süngkotenem Park.



The newly elected AKTM office bearers for 2023-2026

President : Kajenkaba Aier (Süngratsü)

Vice President : Yarsen Jamir (Mopungchuket)

General Secretary : Aotsunger (Longjang)

Asstt General Secy : Opangkokla Aier (Longpa)

Finance Secretary : Aolemba (Kubolong)

Sports Secretary : Marchiden Aier (Longpa)

Culture Secretary : Penlichang Aier (Süngratsü)

Information Secretary : Lanuyanger (Longjang)

Education Secretary : Longsen Lemtur (Mopungchuket)

Treasurer : Yongkongangshi Aier (Kubolong)




Results of various competitions: 1st and 2nd

Extempore speech Süngratsü KRT Longjang KT

Tug-of-war Süngratsü KRT Chami KT

Winnowing Süngratsü KRT Mopungchuket ALT

Loin loom craft Süngratsü KRT Longjang KT

Bamboo stilt race Süngratsü KRT Süngratsü KRT

Süzüngtsüktep Kubolong KT Mopungchuket ALT

Spear-throwing Kubolong KT Longjang KT

Rongnü Asükba Mopungchuket ALT Süngratsü KRT

Dr. Moa Lemtur Memorial Debate Mopungchuket ALT Süngratsü KRT



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