Zunheboto, 25 January (MTNews): The 51st Biennial General Conference of the All Sumi Students’ Union (SKK) concluded on Wednesday, 24 January 2024, at the Multi-Purpose Hall, Zunheboto Town.

SKK Zunheboto

During the conference, Nikheto Jimomi, President of Sumi Hoho, exhorted the gathering. He emphasized that the All Sumi Students’ Union is a major stakeholder with a significant role in contributing to society, particularly for the student community. He urged them to uphold the moral integrity of SKK and continue to promote peace and prosperity for the Sumi and Nagas society.

He further stated that the recent Citizens Good Roads Campaign for 65 km in Zunheboto District by Sumi Hoho was successful due to people’s contributions; he also informed that the work order has been issued under PMGSY – III for the construction of roads.

Therefore, he appealed to everyone to cooperate with the state government and civil societies for the smooth construction of roads in Zunheboto District.

To facilitate unity and peace, he said Sumi Hoho also organized forty days of “Chain of Prayer” for different denominations and appealed to every Sumi individual to continue playing a role in the unification of the Sumi community.

He also encouraged students to seize opportunities in different fields to be self-equipped for sustainable livelihoods and to practice the dignity of labor. He asked students and youths to take on challenges as responsible citizens and live independent lives.

Concluding his speech, he mentioned that in some areas, Sumi still lack basic infrastructural development; therefore, he opined that backward reservation should be implemented in certain pockets/block-wise for equal development in the region.

SKK Zunheboto

As part of the conference proceedings, the SKK elected its new team, with Gihuka K Zhimo taking on the role of the new President and Toshika K Kiba becoming the General Secretary for the tenure 2024-25.

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