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Zunheboto, 24 January (MTNews): The second-day inaugural session of the 51st Biennial General Conference of All Sumi Students Union (SKK) was graced by Dr Sukhato A Sema, MLA, Government of Nagaland, as the Special Guest at the Multi-Purpose Hall in Zunheboto Town.


In his address to the student community, Dr Sema extended greetings on behalf of all Sumi legislators. He emphasized the pivotal role that the All Sumi Students Union (SKK) plays as the apex Sumi student body. Dr Sema urged the union to introspect for the progressive growth of society and encouraged students to compete in education, economy, employment, and development sectors.

Highlighting the need for quality education, he stressed that it is the foremost priority in any society. Dr. Sema appealed to the student community to invest more effort in competitive exams, emphasizing that hard work is essential for attaining a quality life.

The Special Guest emphasized the importance of unity for the progress of any community. He urged responsible organizations to foster inclusivity and contribute to a progressive society by working together to achieve common goals. Dr Sema also called for eliminating proxy teachers and focusing on delivering quality education in Zunheboto district. He informed the audience about upcoming projects and appealed for cooperation from citizens, both with the government and public leaders.

During the session, Dr Sema also unveiled the 51st SKK Biennial General Conference Memorial Stone. The dedication of the stone was pronounced by Rev Dr Daniel Chishi, Executive Secretary SBAK (Aizuto).

In the evening session, K Khekiye Sema, IAS (Retd), graced the occasion as the guest speaker. In his speech, he emphasized that regardless of one’s background, making a positive impact is achievable through an open-minded perspective. Sema highlighted the significant role played by the Sumi community in various fields during the forefathers’ generation.

However, he expressed concern about the present state, questioning why the community, once leaders, are now struggling to be good followers. Sema urged the gathering to uphold the legacy of their forefathers with honesty and integrity.

Addressing the issue of declining Christian values in Nagaland, he called for a change in the electoral system. Sema criticized the prevalence of money politics, where individuals with financial resources can secure positions of power. He questioned the electorate’s awareness that politicians may not have a choice, given the prevalent practice of vote-buying.

Sema highlighted the corrupt practices of politicians and citizens alike, emphasizing the urgent need for electoral reform to prevent the continued decline of the state. He called upon the church and every citizen to take responsibility for bringing reformation to society. Additionally, Sema appealed to Nagas and stakeholders to unite for a collective voice towards a Naga political solution.

The conference also featured greetings from Chumben Khuvung, General Secretary of Nagaland Students Federation; R Sunep Pongen, President of Central Naga Students’ Association; and Ngukato L Aye, SKK, who delivered the Presidential address.

The event concluded with traditional Sumi indigenous war dances performed by Mudutsughomi Cultural Troupe and Thighale Yezashi Cultural Troupe.

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