The Ao Students’ Conference (AKM) celebrated the 62nd Teachers’ Day Celebration with great fervor on Tuesday at the Conference Hall of Hotel Whispering Winds in Mokokchung. The highlight of the event was the felicitation of four District Teachers Awardees, recognizing their exceptional contributions to education.


District Teachers Awardees of Mokokchung
District Teachers Awardees of Mokokchung


During the event, short speeches were delivered by distinguished guests, including Tsüvisie Phoji, NCS, Deputy Commissioner of Mokokchung; Sentinenla, District Education Officer of Mokokchung; and Dr Anungla Aier, President of the All Nagaland Private School Association, Mokokchung Unit.


In his address, Deputy Commissioner Tsüvisie Phoji emphasized the crucial role teachers play in molding and shaping the future of students. He highlighted Teachers’ Day as a day when everyone who has benefited from formal education expresses gratitude to their teachers. Phoji praised the teaching profession as one of the noblest, with teachers themselves being the most revered members of society. He lauded the awardees for their dedication and challenged them to continue being torchbearers whose influence extends beyond the confines of classrooms and textbooks.


Sentinenla, District Education Officer, emphasized the irreplaceable value of quality education in transforming lives. She spoke about the privilege and responsibility of being a teacher, describing teachers as the only individuals capable of bridging the past, present, and future of a student. She stressed that a teacher’s impact goes far beyond imparting knowledge.


Dr Anungla Aier, President of ANPSA Mokokchung Unit, acknowledged and commended the awardees for going above and beyond their call of duty to shape the future of students.


The President of the Ao Students’ Conference delivered the welcome address, while Lanulemba Longchar, Education Secretary of AKM, expressed gratitude and delivered the vote of thanks.


The event was attended by teachers, students, district administration officials, representatives from the Ao Senden, and members of Watsü Mungdang, among others.


Awardees along with the organizers, representatives of Civil Society Organizations and District Officials


The four District Teachers Awardees, who received recognition for their outstanding contributions, were as follows:

Imkongwabang from Government High School, Saring

Imojungla from Government Middle School, Sumi

Bendangakum from Government High School, Changtongya A

S Bendangla Ao from Children’s School, Mokokchung


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