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The recent proactive measures taken by the Mokokchung district administration in revamping its waste management system are worthy of applause. In response to the outcry from residents regarding lapses in waste disposal, the authorities have demonstrated commendable efficiency and dedication in addressing these concerns.

One of the pivotal decisions taken to address the issue was the immediate increase in the frequency of garbage collection. This strategic move not only reflects a swift response to the problem but also underscores a commitment to maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for the community.

The administration’s recognition of the challenges faced by the collection staff and the subsequent provision of extra allowances for those undertaking a second trip is a thoughtful gesture. Another notable initiative is the decision to distribute bins to all shops while dismantling existing garbage collection tanks. This strategic shift aims to discourage indiscriminate dumping and invites a more organized approach to waste disposal. By providing bins to establishments, the administration is not only ensuring responsible waste management but also laying the groundwork for a sustainable and efficient waste disposal system.

The landfill issues, discussed prominently during the Mokokchung District Planning & Development Board meeting, reveal a comprehensive approach towards waste management. The active efforts by the Mokokchung Municipal Council to seek an alternative dumping site, despite facing challenges, demonstrate a commitment to addressing the long-standing concerns associated with the existing landfill. While the impending relocation deadline adds a sense of urgency, the administration’s decision to prevent the disposal of kitchen waste and implement bioremediation measures as interim solutions is a pragmatic approach.

Mokokchung’s recent initiatives in waste management inspire optimism and set the stage for a more organized and sustainable approach to handling municipal waste. The collaborative efforts of the administration, community leaders, and citizens are crucial in realizing the vision of a cleaner, greener, and healthier Mokokchung. The expectations are high, and we look forward to witnessing the continued commitment and success in overcoming the challenges on this front. As the town adapts to these changes, the community’s continued support and adherence to responsible waste disposal practices will play a pivotal role in realizing the vision of a cleaner and greener Mokokchung.

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