The Naga declaration of Independence on 14th.August 1947 from the British rule was ratified by the Naga National Plebiscite of 16th.May 1951 with the result of 99.9 which united all the Nagas as a nation after the British left. There was no record that the British had bequeathed Nagaland to India.

The greatest indelible and unforgettable insult inflicted upon the Nagas by India was the bringing of her ballot boxes to the door of independent Nagaland in her first general election after she was granted her Independence by the British on 15th of August 1947, one day after the Naga declaration of Independence on 14th August 1947. But not a single vote was cast by the Nagas and all the ballot boxes were taken back empty. It is on the record.

It was a Naga national total non-participation in the first Indian general election as the Nagas had already become a free Independent nation after the British left. Not satisfied with her insult to the Nagas, India sent her Army to Nagaland in 1954 and fought against the Nagas till the CEASEFIRE AGREEMENT OF 1964 BETWEEN THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA AND THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF NAGALAND.

This armed aggression of India is tantamount to raping of Democracy and violation of the Sovereignty of Independent Nagaland. Hence, Indo-Naga problem was not and is not an internal political problem of India or of Nagaland. It’s a bilateral problem between two nations, India and Nagaland which cannot be solved with political solution.

When the president of the Naga National Council, AZ PHIZO landed in London in 1960 India could no longer hide her act of aggression on Nagaland before the International communities. In order to cover up her act of aggression the Prime Minister of India Nehru designed a quick political solution by the so-called 16th points agreement which if history teaches us anything at all, has not solved the Indo-Naga problem but helps India to Perpituate her occupation of Nagaland through her proxies and cronies in the guise of the puppet state in Nagaland and factions or political groups and so on for her covert and overt operations in Nagaland.

India could no longer launch out the like of her former full-scale armed aggression on Nagaland except from time to time the like of Oting incident in Konyak area in the garb of her special AFSPA. Therefore, we have to clearly understand that the Indo-Naga problem was caused not by the Nagas’ demand of Sovereignty from India but by India’s violation of the Sovereignty of Nagaland and its occupation.

There was no Act of union between India and Nagaland. We had not therefore launched out any freedom movement against India at any point of time.


We have been enslaving ourselves by our own narratives. Therefore there is no question of getting or not getting Sovereignty or something below that. The new generation and we don’t either see or are aware of the ever existence of NNC-FGN as India has always been trying to eclipse its existence by fanning factional political issues or groups.

“We look but don’t see, we hear but don’t understand” except blaming one another for what we are now while having the best opportunity to come out of our deadly trap. India also knows who is who and who is what.
The NAGA NATIONAL COUNCIL (NNC)established in 1946,2nd February and the FEDERAL GOVERMENT OF NAGALAND (GFN) established on 22nd March 1956 under the leadership of the president of NNC AZ Phizo on the foundation of the Naga Plebiscite of 1951, 16th.May. If we deny the existence of these two institutions we become our own national enemies.

How many times our Naga enemies tried to obliterate NNC and FGN? Any other NNC and FGN formed after 2nd Feb.1946 and 22nd March 1956 must be understood by the Nagas. It would be a great tragedy for us, if we are blind to see the working hands of God in our Naga National affairs. The saving hand of God on the Nagas is so vivid and clear from the beginning to this day 8th.May 2024.

Kolezo Chase,
NNC Spokesperson

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