Mon/Tuensang, 18 November (MTNews): Mon and Tuensang Districts’ DPDB meetings showcase a dynamic approach to local governance, emphasizing infrastructural development, community upliftment, and a blend of official duties with community engagement.

The monthly Mon District Planning & Development Board (DPDB) meeting for Mon District in Nagaland was held today in the Conference Hall at the DC Office Mon under the chairmanship of Ajit Kumar Verma, IAS Deputy Commissioner, and Vice Chairman of DPDB. The board welcomed a new member, Er N Nyaksham Phom, Principal of Govt ITI Mon.



The meeting included deliberations on crucial agenda items, such as the proposed construction of the Sr Treasury Office Building, the Mon District Hq road, and the fencing of ADC Naganimora Office. Additionally, the board approved the celebration of Mon District Golden Jubilee in December 2023.

Meanwhile, Tuensang observed a blend of business and pleasure at Shopilak Resort, Tuensang Village, as the District Planning and Development Board Tuensang organized a meeting cum picnic under the chairmanship of Imtichuba MLA and Chairman DPDB Tuensang.

Addressing developmental gaps in one of the state’s oldest Sub Divisions, Rohbi Sangtam, SDO(C) Noksen, proposed that the next DPDB meeting be held in Noksen Town, stating that hosting the meeting there could uplift the spirits of the public. DC Tuensang also issued a notification to all village councils to assist the Power Department.

Demonstrating a practical approach to addressing local needs, the Board recommended the addition of a parking area on the ground floor of the newly constructed DC Office Tuensang. DC Tuensang, Lithrongla Tongpi Rutsa, urged district HODs with additional charge of Noklak and Shamator districts to attend the Planning Meeting without fail.

DPDB Tuensang

Chairman DPDB Tuensang expressed gratitude for active participation, highlighting the upcoming Dr T Ao Trophy scheduled to be played day and night, indicating the district’s enthusiasm for sports and community engagement.

Meanwhile, Longleng’s DPDB has announced that the DPDB meeting for the month of November is scheduled to be held on 22nd November 2023 at 11:00 AM, where the Department of Education (DEO/SDEO) will deliver a PowerPoint presentation.

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