The unfortunate vehicular accident near IOC Junction on Thursday is a grim reminder of where we as a community have failed to work together. The authorities concerned, the concerned citizens, the press and media, the civil society, and the citizens as a whole have failed here. It is a known fact that this is an accident prone area. This is not the first time that an accident has happened here, and it won’t be the last if the needful is not done immediately. Blaming the authorities responsible for overseeing accident-prone areas on highways will not solve the problem; neither will it bring back the lives lost. Various measures can be taken to improve the safety of travelers and reduce the likelihood of accidents here.


The most immediate thing that can be done is to install crash barriers along the narrow stretch of the road. Installing warning signs to alert drivers is another basic precautionary measure that can be done here. Measures to improve visibility by ensuring proper road markings, adequate street lighting, and reflective materials to enhance visibility during both day and night must also be considered. Implementing speed-calming measures, like installing speed-breakers, to reduce vehicle speed can also help. Another precautionary measure that can be undertaken is to keep the road surface in good condition, repair potholes promptly, and maintain clear visibility of road signs and markings. These simple precautionary measures can go a long way in reducing the likelihood of accidents in this particular accident-prone area.


Another measure is to involve the local community. The authorities must engage and collaborate with the local community. This will not only raise awareness but also come handy in meeting logistics problems. It must also be remembered that this accident-prone area falls very much within the municipal area of the town. As such, adequate resources can be mobilized to initiate safety measures in this particular area. The authorities concerned can also conduct safety audits regularly to assess the safety of the road infrastructure and identify potential hazards or design flaws that may contribute to accidents in other parts of the town as well. It is important for authorities to take a comprehensive approach and consider a combination of engineering, education, and enforcement strategies to enhance safety in accident-prone areas.

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