So they say, Politics is, but a ‘NUMBER GAME’ and the recent denying of tickets to 15 sitting MLAs (which is a huge number in a 60 seats A/C), including some veterans and seasoned politicians and also some heavyweight contenders could perhaps trigger a huge ‘Post Poll Debacle’ and bring about some paradigm shift in the present political scenario of Nagaland, and which could also stir even the momentum to propelling some new face(s) jumping into the fray in vying for the top spot (CM).


This will also definitely trigger the ‘Survival Instincts’ of ‘Every Man For Himself’ leading to “Defections, Dissidencies, Decampments,  Horse-Tradings, Lies, Betrayals, Double Standards, Back Stabbings etc.”


Now, if this the case, then perhaps a famous Political maxim/adage may come into play here that says, “Politics Does Not Have A Permanent Friend Or A Permanent Enemy”.


Here, the political watchdogs/public/observers and especially, neutral forces and individuals like me will be sitting back tight in our “Rocking Chairs” anticipating and enjoying (yet another) free treat of ‘Amusements’  being unfolded by the “Political Drama and Tragic Comedy” and witness “Friends Turning Into Foes….Arch Rivals Turning Into Best Pals….Haters Turning Into Lovers…. Lovers Turning Into Haters…..Once Mortal And Sworn Enemies Now Eating From The Same Plate (and Vice-Versa)….Old Antagonists Now Promising To Protect Each Others, Till Death Do Them Part (and Vice-Versa) Former Adversaries Who Could Not Even Stand Each Others, Now Swearing To Scratch Each Other’s Backs (and Vice-Versa)…Regional Die Hards Switching To National Party Banners (and Vice-Versa)……the list goes on and on.


Nevertheless, if at all, this ‘Political Fiasco’ results in unseating the present top seat occupier (CM), then he will have no one but himself to blame.


In Short, shall we just put it as “THE BOSS’S OWN DOINGS HAS BECOME HIS OWN UNDOING”


Nonetheless, the results will be a sharp slap and an unceremonious hard smack right across the face for the ‘Supremo’ in particular and a ‘Flush Down The Drain’ for the Party, in general.


Right now folks, we are in complete oblivious bliss, but come post poll, I’m sure things are likely to start getting more interesting.


And so I say, bring it on players, we are eagerly waiting to see as to what the ‘Drama’ may bring forth and woe be tide.



PS (Post Script): I better ‘Sum-Up’ from here because it is getting late and I have to hit the sack early, because no matter what the outcome may be in the offing, regular people like me will have to sleep early and wake early, wash up, have our breakfast (or lunch) and rush to report to our own immediate Bosses, for our own respective menial jobs, petty works or business…. and whatsoever the events may give birth to or usher in, the irony here is, everything for us will remain just the same in our same old World with the old daily routine of ‘Living Day By Day’ and also getting to Surviving ‘One Day At A Time’



NB (Nota Bene): The above statements are all expressed in my own individual capacities and does not reflect the views of anyone or any organizations, that I may be representing, whatsoever.

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