Kohima, 1 December (MTNews): A memoir by Prof Tali Alinger, titled ‘A Tree by the River,’ was released on 26 November 2023 by David Koza, the President of Union of Evangelical Students of India (UESI) Nagaland.


The release took place at a program held at the Jubilee Memorial Centre, Kohima, attended by local members and staff of UESI. The booklet is edited by Lemtila Alinger and published by Woods Publishers, Kohima.

It provides a personal account of the author’s engagement with the UESI ministry from his youth in the 1950s in Calcutta, its subsequent reach to parts of Northeast India and Nagaland, and is marked by significant life experiences.

Viketou Chupuo, the President of Nagaland EGF, chaired the session. Dr Vinito Chishi, Vice President of UESI National, reflected on his association with the author. Moatoshi Imsong, UESI Staff at large, gave an overview of the book, and several others participated by sharing words of encouragement. The program concluded with a prayer led by Dr Loso Chalai.

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