New Delhi, 21 June (MTNews): Advisor to the Chief Minister of Nagaland, Abu Metha, paid a visit to the Special Police Unit for the North Eastern Region (SPUNER) under the Delhi Police yesterday. Accompanied by Joint Resident Commissioner Wennyie Konyak, State Nodal Officer (Medical) Dr Hentok Phom, and PRO New Delhi Koulie Mere, Metha met with SPUNER Chief and Joint Police Commissioner PN Khrimey, IPS, and interacted with the SPUNER team.




During the visit, Metha expressed his appreciation for the crucial role and valuable contributions of the SPUNER team in the National Capital Region (NCR). He commended their relentless service to the citizens of the northeastern region, highlighting their unwavering dedication day and night. Metha acknowledged that since the establishment of SPUNER, people from the North East residing in the NCR have received valuable assistance in various situations, particularly during emergencies.


The Nagaland delegation highlighted the need for SPUNER to be empowered with the authority to issue NOCs on occasions of non-criminal related deaths as many families face inconveniences during such situations. Additionally, Metha recognized the importance of strengthening the infrastructure and enhancing the human resource capacity of SPUNER.


“As the population of northeastern people in the NCR continues to grow, it is crucial to meet the rising demand for services effectively,” Metha said. Furthermore, Metha suggested the establishment of a Cyber Crime Cell within SPUNER to address the growing concern of cyber scams, fraud schemes, cheating, and forgery targeting citizens.


Metha emphasized that every citizen from the North East should feel a sense of belonging in the national capital, as Delhi belongs to every individual in the country. He highlighted the significance of fostering a comfortable and secure environment, enabling people to contribute more significantly to the nation-building process.


Metha also acknowledged the remarkable contributions of the region’s people in India’s rise in the international arena. Notably, the North East has emerged as a talent bank in sports, and he expressed confidence in the region’s capacity and caliber to enhance contributions in all sectors.


Assuring full cooperation, Metha pledged to support and improve SPUNER’s effectiveness. He emphasized the need for collective efforts to address the challenges faced by SPUNER and ensure its continued success.

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