Dimapur, 29 November (MTNews): As Nagaland is a political state, there are very few discussions about the economy, Chief Minister Rio remarked while addressing the 21st General Conference of Dimapur Naga Students’ Union (DNSU) today at the Amphitheatre, North East Zone Culture Centre (NEZCC).

He urged students to collectively work towards changing this cultural aspect, emphasizing that all stakeholders share the responsibility of adopting new practices instead of depending on government jobs. As society moves towards urbanization, there is a need for an awakening that allows for the integration of new systems while preserving our heritage, he said.

Speaking under the theme, ‘Transforming Unhealthy Cultures,’ the Chief Minister reminded the student community that knowledge is a powerful tool capable of shaping the future and positively impacting the world.

Rio expressed that education is a journey of self-discovery and improvement, where each lesson serves as a stepping stone towards unlocking full potential. He emphasized fostering a love for learning and highlighted the values of curiosity, resilience, and the constant pursuit of personal growth. Cautioning against adopting negative aspects of other cultures, Rio urged the younger generation to realize and transform unhealthy cultural practices while promoting their rich tradition.

He stressed that preserving, protecting, and promoting the culture is not the duty of one person but of the entire community.

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