Phek, 4 May (MTNews): The 28th General Session of the Chokri Area Public Organisation (CAPO) was held at the Multi-Purpose Hall, Kikruma, under Phek district on May 4, 2024.

Kudecho Khamo, Advisor CAWD and Taxes, graced the occasion as the guest speaker and implored the need to uphold the unity of Chokri area people through truth and honesty, emphasizing the importance of preserving their legacy.

Advisor Kudecho Khamo urges unity and tradition preservation at CAPO 28th General Session
Asserting that peace is necessary for societal progress, he underscored the requisite unity among the people and urged them to relinquish selfishness and forgive one another.

Highlighting the importance of reviving the good traditions and culture of their ancestors to maintain identity and unity, the advisor urged the gathering to uphold the legacy of their forefathers.

Khamo also urged the people to adhere to the resolutions of the Chakhesang Public Organisation (CPO): banning the import of pigs, preserving flora and fauna, and restricting jungle burning. He added that following these resolutions would enable the people to adapt and become self-reliant.

He encouraged the youth not to rely solely on government jobs but to explore business opportunities, stating that it is the way forward. Additionally, he called upon village councils to be honest, ensure justice, and cooperate for development in the area.

Former NLA Speaker and Home Minister, Thenucho Tunyi, also delivered a speech. The presidential address was given by Vezohu Tunyi, President of CAPO.

The program was led by Vedunyi Khesoh, Vice-President of CAPO, the welcome address was delivered by Thipuzhoyo Thira, VCC Kikruma, and the vote of thanks was expressed by Vesüli Theluo, General Secretary of CAPO.
The new team of CAPO for the tenure 2024-27 was also announced on the occasion, with Vepozoyi Theyo appointed as its leader.

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