Mokokchung, 16 February (MTNews): Reacting to the recent controversy over the statement to exclude Ao and Sumi tribes from primary teacher recruitment for the next ten years, Dr Kekhrielhoulie Yhome, Advisor, School Education & SCERT, emphasized that his analysis was based on statistical data within the framework of the Department of School Education and Service Rules 2017, and the plausible variant of linguistic teachers as envisaged under National Education Policy 2020.

In a statement “issued in the interest of public safety” on 15 February, Yhome emphasized that his intent was not to selectively deprive opportunities from any particular tribe or qualified individuals. He assured those who feel his opinion was “stochastically straddled to influence employment latitudes” that public policies are not formulated to be biased.

Acknowledging the rich linguistic diversity of the state, he clarified that it was never his intention to “hurt anyone with the use of proper nouns.”

“I urge your discernment and understanding,” he said, adding, “Rarely do we talk of a peaceful and honorable education solution- despite the awareness that this path can help realize our aspiration for the good life and a state of exception. A just distribution based on respect and collective care is vital for the present and imperative for the future.”

Despite the controversy, Yhome expressed appreciation for the “positive public consciousness that emerged from the row” and added that he sincerely looked forward to inclusive engagements in bettering the lives of the children.

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