In the wake of MT’s June 30, 2024 edition article titled “Is Belenso T Yimchunger Really a Soil Scientist under DST? What Are the Odds?” numerous members of the science community have stepped forward to assist MT in uncovering the truth.

The article raised serious doubts about Belenso T Yimchunger’s assertion of being a soil scientist under India’s Science Technology and Innovation (ISTI) program, administered by the Government of India. MT highlighted discrepancies in a purported shortlist from IIT Delhi, listing Belenso as a “Soil Scientist.” However, subsequent verification revealed that this document was fraudulent and not issued by IIT Delhi.

On July 5, 2024, the Registrar of IIT Delhi responded to a concerned member of the science community, clarifying that the document “does not pertain to the Recruitment Cell, IIT Delhi,” according to Dinesh Kumar, AAO of the Recruitment Cell. A copy of the IIT Delhi official’s response was shared with MT.

This revelation follows a similar debunking of a purported letter from ISRO thanking Belenso for contributions, which was also proven to be fabricated. Consequently, claims regarding Belenso’s affiliations with ISRO, receipt of an honorary doctorate, and appointment as a ‘Soil Scientist’ under the ISTI program have all been discredited.

These revelations have created widespread discussion within the scientific community about the importance of verifying credentials and the potential implications of misrepresented qualifications.

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