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Mokokchung, 19 December (MTNews): In a compelling appeal, the Ao Students Conference (AKM) has submitted a petition to the Principal Director of School Education, Nagaland, Kohima, drawing attention to the critical issue of a severe shortage of subject teachers in schools under the Mokokchung district, emphasizing the urgency of resolving the problem before the start of the upcoming 2024 academic session.

The petition highlights the plight of GHS Saring under DEO Mokokchung, a school boasting five consecutive years of 100% pass rates in the HSLC exams. This pressing concern was also brought to light in a letter dated 14th December 2023 by the Saringyim (Nokpu-B) Students Union. According to the information provided by the Saringyim Students Union, Government High School (GHS) Saring, despite its impressive achievement, is presently grappling with a shortage of subject teachers, particularly in Ao, Science, Hindi, and Mathematics.

“The staffing pattern mandated by the Government Notification of 28th March 2022 No.DSE/STAFF-PATTERN/2014 indicates an allotment of 24 teachers for a high school, whereas GHS Saring has only 13 teachers,” the AKM informed the Principal Director of School Education.

The AKM strongly urged the Government to take this matter seriously and address the shortage of subject teachers in Mokokchung district schools, with a specific focus on GHS Saring. “The situation is dire, especially in subjects like Mathematics, Science, Hindi and Ao, where the lack of teachers hampers the education of our students,” AKM added.

Considering the upcoming academic session in 2024, AKM requested the Principal Director of School Education to take necessary actions to deploy teachers as per the staffing pattern. “It is crucial to ensure that students have access to qualified teachers in all subjects, allowing them to receive a well-rounded education,” AKM maintained.

“We appreciate your prompt attention to this matter and trust that the Government will take proactive steps to resolve the shortage of subject teachers before the commencement of the next academic session,” AKM said in the petition appended by its president Lanutoshi Aier and education secretary Lanulemba Longchar.

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