Mokokchung, 13 August (MTNews): The Ao Students’ Conference (AKM) has raised serious concerns over the sale of tobacco and other abusive substances in close proximity to educational institutions within the Mokokchung district.


In a press release, the AKM emphasized the legal and ethical implications of such sales, stressing the responsibility of educational institutions to provide a safe and healthy environment for students.


“It has come to our attention that various shops have been selling tobacco and other abusive substances in the close proximity of many educational institutions. The sale of tobacco and other abusive substance products around educational institutions raises serious legal and ethical concerns,” it said.


Stressing that educational institutions have a responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment for their students which includes protecting them from exposure to harmful substances, the AKM said, “The sale of tobacco and other abusive substance products within the vicinity of 100 yards parameter not only violates applicable regulations but also compromises the well-being of our students and undermines the educational values we strive to impart.”


The AKM therefore directed all the shops to “cease and desist the sale of tobacco or any other substances which is illegal within a radius of 100 yards parameter as stated in the COTPA Act 2003 section 6B around all educational institutions under Mokokchung district.”


“Failure to comply with this directive may result in legal action being pursued against your shop and any other remedies available under the law,” the AKM cautioned shop owners.



AKM urges Food Manufacturers & Business Operators

Meanwhile, expressing concern over the practices of certain Food Manufacturers and Food Business Operators (FBO), particularly home-based food manufacturers and bakeries, the AKM also highlighted the sale of food items without essential information such as manufacturing dates and ingredients used.


The AKM said that it believes that ensuring transparency and food safety should be a shared responsibility. “It has come to our attention that some Food Manufacture and Food Business Operators (FBO) Particularly home based food manufacturers and bakeries are selling food items without providing crucial information such as the manufacture date and ingredients used,” it said.


This lack of transparency poses potential health risk to consumers and violates the basic principles of food safety, it said, adding that by mandating bakers to include the manufacture date on their products, consumers will have better visibility into the freshness and quality of the items they purchased.


Additionally, AKM said that food items should always have a clearly labeled expiration date and that clear and accurate ingredient labeling is essential for individuals with food allergies, dietary restrictions, or simply those who wish to make informed choices about what they consume.


The AKM directed all Food Business Operators, particularly home based food manufacturers and bakeries in the district to comply with these necessary labeling standards as directed by the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Mokokchung.


This step would not only prioritize public health but also promote consumer trust and confidence in local food establishments, it said.

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