All Assam Sema Naga Council demands ban on Assamese song that ‘insults’ Nagas

Tinsukia, 18 April (MTNews): The lyrics of the song performed by artist Ranjit Gogoi at the Bihu event to create Guinness World Record have been under fire from the Naga community for the usage of words like “Okora Noga” “Nagini” and so on which according to the Naga community was humiliating and insulting.


Echoing the same sentiments, the All Assam Sema Naga Council has demanded that the same song be banned for any future events and demanded an unconditional apology from the artist Ranjit Gogoi failing which the Council said they will be compelled to take legal recourse.


The Council expressed that the “Largest Bihu performance in a single venue” that created two Guinness World Records at Sarusajai Stadium in Guwahati on 13 April has made the Naga community feel ‘humiliated’ and ‘insulted’ because of words like “Okora Noga, Nagini etc.” in the song.


“Naga tribes have been living in Assam since time immemorial and we are one of the proud tribes of Assam,” the Council said while condemning the song performed by artist Ranjit Gogoi.


“We have noticed and felt that Naga communities of Assam and North east have been insulted in the lyrics of the song. The song intensely hurt the sentiments and emotions of Naga Tribes living in Assam and other parts of North east. The Naga communities are an integral part of Greater Assamese society and culture. We really feel proud to be part of this society but unfortunately most of the time we are being discriminated against in different ways,” the release added.


Choreographer Ranjit Gogoi apologizes to Naga community


Ranjit Gogoi, the chief choreographer of the mega Bihu dance that set a Guinness World Record, has released an explanation after sections of the Naga society including those in Assam objected to some words of a song during the performance.


“I want to make it clear that the song that was decided to be part of the Bihu for the Guinness World Record has no relation with Nagaland,” he told the media.


Furthermore, the choreographer stated that there was no malicious intent meant when singing the song, and he also clarified that it was a song sung by the Assamese ancestors.


“It has come to my attention that a few Naga brothers and sisters have objected to the song’s lyrics…we did not sing to hurt the sentiments of the Naga people, and if I have hurt anyone, I sincerely apologize,” he said.




Apologise to Naga people on behalf of state govt: Oppn leader to Assam CM


Leader of Opposition in the Assam Legislative Assembly Debabrata Saaikia on Tuesday urged Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma for action against the Bihu exponent Ranjit Gogoi.
Saikia represents the Nazira assembly constituency which is home to several thousands of Naga community people, especially Sumis.


In a letter to the chief minister, Saikia said: “I am expressing my concern regarding the recent Bihu song performed by Ranjit Gogoi during the Guinness World Record attempt on April 13, which has hurt the sentiments of the Naga people.”


“This may be an old Bihu song, but in today’s advanced society, lyrics that disparage or insult another community are not acceptable, especially in an event sponsored by the state government which is seen by the rest of the world,” Saikia said.


“As you are the Chief Minister of Assam, I urge you to take action to address this issue and prevent any further escalation of the controversy. It is important to be conscious of the cultural sensitivities of every community, and to avoid actions that may disturb the peace between communities,” Saikia added.


“As Assam shares a border with Nagaland, maintaining peaceful relations between the two communities is crucial to avoid conflicts and safety concerns. Assam is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural state, and it is our responsibility to value and respect the identity and culture of every group. Therefore, I strongly urge you to issue a sincere apology statement on behalf of the Assam government to the Naga people. This will not only show our respect for their culture and traditions but also acknowledge the hurt that has been caused,” he said.


“Additionally, I request that you take prompt action and ask the singer Ranjit Gogoi to publicly apologize to the Naga people. This would be a positive step towards reconciliation and would demonstrate our commitment to preserving peaceful relations between the two communities,” he also said.


“I hope you will take necessary action and do the needful so that no misunderstanding takes place between the Assamese and Naga people,” he added.


Apart from the All Assam Naga Welfare Society, All Assam Sema Naga Council, and All Assam Tangsha Students Union, several other Naga organizations also sought an apology from the Bihu singer Ranjit Gogoi for his song using a derogatory word against Nagas.

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