Mokokchung, 16 April (MTNews): The All Nagaland Taxi Association Mokokchung (ANTAM) has informed all its members to visit its office on 22-22 April during 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM for their Driver ID card, membership, and token, new registration, and ownership documents.


It was informed that no taxi would be allowed to ferry passengers without the aforementioned documents. It was also informed that taxi drivers driving under the influence of intoxicants or carrying contraband items were strictly prohibited and that defaulters would be punished. It was also informed that private vehicles carrying passengers on rent or hire are not permissible and that they would be punished if caught.


ANTAM meanwhile has requested the public to contact their president and general secretary at +91-9612 292 004 and +91-9402 017 004 respectively for any grievances.

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