From celebrating the Nagaland Guitar Festival in Mokokchung to TaFMA Chairman Theja Meru’s international endeavors, the music and arts scene in Nagaland is reaching new heights. Imnainla’s electrifying performance at the North East Festival in Vietnam, and the Mahila Band’s impressive journey in India’s Got Talent, along with the launch of Nestvibe, a cutting-edge music studio in Kohima, have set the stage for a vibrant and dynamic musical landscape.


2nd edition of Nagaland Guitar Festival held in Mokokchung

Creative Mythos organized the 2nd Edition of Nagaland Guitar Festival, titled “Nagaland Guitar Festival Mokokchung 2023,” on October 28th at Yim Ki, Arkong Ward in Mokokchung with support from the Task Force for Music & Arts (TaFMA).

guitar festival
L-R: Imli Imsong, Bendangienla, Chilong, and Mulong.

Talipokum, a member of Creative Mythos, addressed the audience, highlighting TaFMA’s mission to identify grassroots talents and provide platforms for artists across Nagaland. He mentioned the inception of TaFMA Open House 1.0 in 2020 and the monthly events organized by TaFMA District partners in every district. Talipokum emphasized that Mokokchung has a history of producing renowned musicians and guitarists, making it the ideal host for the All Nagaland Guitar Festival, which began in 2021.

ambong band
Ambong Band

The event’s primary goal was identifying and promoting young musicians across Nagaland. This year, TaFMA partnered with Creative Mythos as the District Partner to host the second edition of the festival. The festival featured various artists, including young musicians from primary schoolers to young adults who showcased their singing and guitar skills. It also included a live band performance by the Ambong Band. The inaugural edition of the Nagaland Guitar Festival was held at Just A Venue in Mokokchung in 2021, during which TaFMA Project Director, Dr Hovithal Sothu, had declared that the festival would become an annual event and should grow into an asset for Mokokchung and Nagaland.


TaFMA Chairman’s global outreach

TaFMA Chairman Theja Meru made significant strides on the global stage. He was invited as a Speaker Delegate to WOMEX, the Worldwide Music Expo in A Coruna, Spain which is taking place from 24 to 29 October 2023. WOMEX is the world’s most diverse music meeting, uniting over 3,000 professionals from 90 countries. Meru highlighted Nagaland’s unique musical traditions and discussed the potential for collaborations to promote the music industry. His objective was to position Nagaland as a global hub for art and culture.

theja meru TaFMA
Theja Meru

Meru highlighted the unique aspects of Nagaland, shared the strengths of the Nagaland music and arts industry and spoke on the special features of the Hornbill Festival. He also met Alex Walter, the Director of WOMEX wherein he opened up dialogue for collective actions, possible partnerships and collaborative actions towards promoting the music industry.

The TaFMA Chairman stated that the objective of attending WOMEX was to foster discussion and strengthen connections and position Nagaland as the upholder of art and culture in the world music and arts map. Meru said that participation in this event would make the stakeholders better understand the global trends in music and possibilities to secure supportive conditions for artists and cultural ambassadors.

Meru also met several policy makers, stakeholders from the international music industry and discussed issues like improving and enforcing regulatory frameworks, expansion of international connectivity, rapid responses and long-term strategies to effectively support artists and cultural ambassadors of Nagaland.

He also engaged with international policy makers and stakeholders to improve regulatory frameworks, enhance international connectivity, and provide long-term support to Nagaland’s artists and cultural ambassadors.


Nestvibe: A Hub of Musical Creativity

Nestvibe, a dynamic and innovative music studio, has been officially launched in Kohima, marking a new era in the local music industry. The studio, founded by Martin Longkumer (Macnivil) and co-founders Er A Rentsamo Tsopoe and Viketoulie Metha (Ket Meth), is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and an acoustically optimized environment to cater to musicians, recording artists, and audio enthusiasts.

Nestvibe A Hub of Musical Creativity
Nestvibe members

Nestvibe offers a flat 30% discount on all studio services as part of their commitment to support emerging and established artists, starting from the launch date until 31 December 2023.
Founder Martin Longkumer expressed his excitement, saying, “Nestvibe is not just a studio; it’s a hub of inspiration and creativity. We aim to create an environment that fosters artistic growth and helps musicians turn their dreams into reality.”

Nestvibe’s services include professional recording, mixing, mastering, voice-over, sound design, and more.

For more information, interviews, or inquiries, please contact Nestvibe Music Studio at 7005193827/6909931354 or connect with Nestvibe on social media @nestvibe or visit their website at

The launch of Nestvibe represents a significant step forward for Nagaland’s growing music and arts community, as it becomes an essential hub for artistic expression and creativity.

With these developments, the world is taking note of the rich cultural and artistic heritage of Nagaland. The journey to global recognition continues, promising a bright future for the state’s music and arts scene.


Mahila Band’s journey in India’s Got Talent

Nagaland’s Mahila Band’s journey to the semi-finals of India’s Got Talent is a source of pride for the entire region. Former SSO (SSP), Home Guards, Civil Defence & SDRF, Watilemba, like many other supporters, have urged everyone to vote for the band, emphasizing the importance of their representation for the Indian security forces.

He also appealed to those who possess the knowledge of the procedure to cast votes to teach those who does not, stating, “Our votes matter.”

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