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Mokokchung, 3 February (MTNews): The All Ward Union Mokokchung Town (AWUMT) held the dedication ceremony for its office chambers on Saturday, 3 February 2024, at its newly constructed building in Penli Ward, near Penli Community Hall. The dedicatory prayer for the office chambers was pronounced by Kikum Longkumer, pastor of Kumlong Baptist Church, Mokokchung. Limanungsang, President of AWUMT, delivered the welcome speech, while Imtijungshi spoke on behalf of Kichutzar Kidong Mapang, Mokokchung village.

Members of the AWUMT presidential council and guests after the dedication of the AWUMT office chambers at Penli ward, Mokokchung town, 3 February.

The plot of land on which AWUMT constructed its office building was granted by Kichutzar Kidong Mapang, Mokokchung village. The program’s proceedings were led by Lemasashi, the chairman of Alempang Ward and convener of the AWUMT construction committee.

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