Following the devastating incident that took place where the “only beautiful building” in Mokokchung was engulfed by fire on 3 February 2024, as was said by Ao Senden President, Chubawati Longchar, the Mokokchung community was quick to come together to offer suggestions, aid and comfort.

MMC Mokokchung
Advisor Imkongmar, district administration, and community leaders visited the MMC Complex on 4 February to assess the severity of the damage caused by the fire accident.

An emergency meeting was quickly convened by Deputy Comissioner Mokokchung Thsuvisie Phoji at his official residence on 4 February (Sunday) which was attended by Mokokchung Municipal Council and district administration, Ao Senden, All Ward Union Mokokchung Town (AWUMT), Watsu Mungdang, Ao Kaketashir Mungdang (AKM), Mokokchung Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MCCI), police, fire and emergency services, SDRF, all the chairman of the 18 wards in Mokokchung and Advisor of Minority Affairs and Sericulture, Imkongmar.

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Expressing gratitude for the community support and inter-departmental collaboration, DC Thsuvisie Phoji remarked, “In the midst of disaster, there was remarkable collaboration and unity among the Mokokchung community, administration, and various departments, providing us hope and confidence that we will overcome this.”

DC Phoji announced the approval of an Emergency Relief Fund (ERF) from the Nagaland State Disaster Response Fund (NSDRF), acknowledging the need to borrow funds to provide the ERF. He acknowledged that while the sum may not fully compensate for the losses, it serves as a pure Emergency Relief Fund.

Tishisie Pojar, Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) Mokokchung, informed the assembly that the investigation into the cause of the fire is underway. To prevent vandalism or illegal activities, 24-hour security has been established around the MMC building.

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Additional Deputy Commissioner Mokokchung, Chumlamo Huntsoe, announced that the building will remain unoccupied until assessed and declared safe. He emphasized that the building is currently sealed.

Ao Senden President, Chubawati, appealed to the government on behalf of the people of Mokokchung and the Ao community, urging assistance and equitable aid comparable to that provided in other districts disasters. The president also urged the police and the administration to look into the matter of documents lost and loan waiver.

Arenla Longkumer, President of Watsu Mungdang lamented that most of the victims were ‘educated unemployed’ whom they have encouraged to pursue young entrepreneurship. She appealed to all the present for collective efforts and to help those who have suffered tremendous loss.

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Limanungsang, President of All Ward Union Mokokchung Town and Lanuakum, Vice President of AWUMT commended the collaboration portrayed during the disaster and appealed to the government to watch over the victims in the future with proper compensation. They also suggested providing rehabilitation to those by relocating them to a proper space.

Tsukti Longkumer, President of MCCI noted that the entrepreneurs were all locals and that the disaster has taken a huge setback for the young entrepreneurs. He also suggested rehabilitation be provided to the 62 victims and noting that 90% of the victims were women, appealed to the women’s body to look into the matter of whether there could be any form of relief for the women.

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