The All Nagaland College Students’ Union (ANCSU) has issued a formal representation to the Chief Secretary of the Government of Nagaland, advocating for the immediate upgradation of Khelhoshe Polytechnic Atoizu (KPA) into a full-fledged engineering college.

In their letter addressed to the Chief Secretary, Tenyesinlo Bukh, President of ANCSU, and H Kivika Achumi, Vice President of ANCSU, highlighted the urgent need to upgrade KPA into a full-fledged engineering college.

ANCSU appreciated the state government’s dedication to skill-oriented education, acknowledging the establishment of nine government polytechnic institutes across Nagaland, which offers three-year diploma programs under the Department of Technical Education. However, the ANCSU expressed disappointment over the absence of degree-awarding institutions, particularly engineering colleges, in the state for several years.

They emphasized the pivotal role played by KPA, formerly known as Nagaland Polytechnic, in providing technical education in the region. The ANCSU noted significant milestones achieved by KPA, including the introduction of a civil engineering degree course in 2007 and accreditation from the National Board of Accreditation for three courses in 2021: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electronics Engineering, valid for three years.

“This accreditation was a significant milestone and raised hopes among students and educators alike for the establishment of a full-fledged engineering college in Nagaland,” stated ANCSU.

Despite these advancements, the ANCSU raised concerns over the government’s inaction in upgrading KPA to an engineering college. They emphasized that the delay in this crucial upgrade deprives students of essential educational opportunities and hinders the state’s progress in technical education.

“This neglect can be seen as a violation of students’ right to education, limiting their potential and future prospects,” it added.

The ANCSU urged the Chief Secretary to prioritize this critical matter and expedite the necessary processes for upgrading KPA to a full-fledged engineering college. They emphasized that swift action on this issue would fulfill a longstanding promise and significantly benefit the educational landscape of Nagaland.

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