The 22nd General Conference of the apex Ao Senden was held at the Town Hall Mokokchung on Thursday. This significant conference witnessed the induction of new office bearers of the apex body of the Ao Naga community for the term 2024-2026. The conference also featured an exhortation by former Chief Secretary, Government of Nagaland, Alemtemshi Jamir, IAS (RTD), as well as a business session. Representatives from all the six ranges under Mokokchung district as well as all town units of Ao Senden attended the conference.

The new office bearers of Ao Senden for the 2024-2026 tenure inducted includes: President -Marsanen Imsong, Merangkong (Langpangkong Range), Vice President – Aowati Ozükum, Süngratsü (Asetkong Range), General Secretary – Advocate Imtipokyim, Longkhum (Ongpangkong Range), Assistant General Secretary – Bendangnukshi, Nokpu (Japukong Range), Finance Secretary – Yanger Pongen, Mongchen (Jangpetkong Range) and Treasurer- Lanupokyim, Longpayimsen (Tzürangkong Range).

Exhorting the gathered attendees, Alemtemshi Jamir, IAS (Retd), former Chief Secretary of the Government of Nagaland, emphasized that the Ao people are inherently creative, progressive, liberal, democratic-minded, and legal-minded. He attributed these traits to the legacy inherited from their ancestors.

Alemtemshi Jamir
Alemtemshi Jamir, IAS (Retd), former Chief Secretary of the Government of Nagaland, speaking at the conference

Jamir highlighted the Ao community’s position at a crossroads, caught between the past and the future. He underscored the influence of technological advancements and global changes, suggesting the emergence of a new world order where the private sector holds significant sway.

Quoting the phrase “Survival of the fittest,” he asserted that no one is exempt from adapting to this new era of technology. He emphasized that the Ao community cannot progress by merely adhering to archaic norms and belief systems. To address these challenges, Jamir urged the Ao Senden to institute committees focused on ‘reform and reconstruction’ to adapt to the evolving global landscape.

He further encouraged reforms in agriculture practices to maximize benefits, modifications in land reforms and laws to promote industry, and initiatives in tourism through the development of hotels, hospitality training, and showcasing culture to attract visitors. He stressed the importance of seeking external investments and urged the community to be willing to share land for development. He also identified discipline, trust, accountability, and quality control as key elements for the community to move forward.

Concluding his address, he referenced Ecclesiastes 3:5 from the Bible: “A time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,” highlighting the transformative phase they are in and urged them to embrace reforms for the betterment of the community.

Outgoing President of Ao Sneden, Chubawati Longchar


Marsanen Imdong
Newly appointed President of Ao Senden,

Tabling of the General Secretary, Ao Riju, Audit, and nominating committee reports were the other highlights of the conference. Outgoing president Chubawati Longchar and newly appointed president Marsanen Imsong also addressed the conference.

Ao Senden
The new team of Ao Senden office bearers or the 2024-2026 tenure

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