Ao senden prez calls for strengthening Naga brotherhood

After successfully wrapping up the second day of Moatsü festival in Mokokchung where all Naga tribal hoho presidents of Nagaland and Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio along with his Ministers and Advisors attended, Ao Senden President Chubawati Longchar stated it was a show of ‘unity and brotherhood’.


Ao Senden president Chubawati Longchar speaking at the Moatsü celebration at Imkongmeren Sports Complex on 2 May.


“Nagas were always united in this way even 14 or 15 years ago. It’s just that we haven’t been able to do so for a few years. This year, I invited them all and told them that they have to come to our Moatsü festival by any means, and I am very glad they did,” he stated.


He stated that bygones are bygones and hoped that this display of unity will strengthen Naga brotherhood.


“We are all Nagas, and we are all the same. We believe we will be one,” he said.


The president stated that all tribal hoho leaders also held a meeting today and discussed the matter of coming up with a new Municipal Act.


“We did not discuss women’s reservations. We opposed the NMA 2001 because it was a borrowed Act that was not applicable in the context of Nagaland,” he explained.


The president also stated that they welcome the CM’s invitation to a joint meeting on the ULB issue on 9 May 9.



Mokokchung Times

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