All India Congress Committee (AICC) Advocate, National Spokesperson, and National Media Coordinator Mathew Antony alleged that the BJP is persecuting minorities in the northeastern region of India. Antony claimed the Assam Healing Prevention Act 2024 as the “most advanced step intended against Christian minorities in Northeast India.”

Condemning the act, Antony said, “Such kind of law in the hands of biased lawmakers gives them a free hand to torture genuine faith practitioners.”

Antony further highlighted that 386 religious institutions were vandalized, 70,000 people displaced from their homes, and FCRA approval canceled for many Christian institutions across the Northeast, thereby affecting their existence. Antony alleged that the BJP is challenging ST reservation for the ST community due to their being a Christian minority.

Asserting that the Manipur conflict is a warning to the entire Northeast, Antony reminded that 170 people has died so far in the last 9 months in Manipur, but the Prime Minister, who has time to negotiate peace in Ukraine and have opinions and participation in the Israel and Palestine issue, has no time for Manipur, nor any interest to broker peace in Manipur. “Is the Prime Minister blind? How long will he pretend to ignore? Or does the Prime Minister want the local tribes to fight amongst themselves and to live in distress?” asked Antony.

Speaking on political injustice, Antony highlighted how the BJP butchered the independence of the judiciary, the election commission, the central investigative agencies, and the independence of the media. He called the electoral bonds Rs 8000 crore and more corruption and extortion, where companies are blackmailed and threatened to donate. “The biggest betrayal by Modi and BJP was to take money from the manufacturers of inferior cough syrup, blood pressure medicines, and COVID medicine Remdesivir for their poor-quality standards,” Antony alleged.

Meanwhile, during a press conference in Wokha, where PDA consensus candidate Chumben Murry hails from, Antony maintained that the educational institutions, infrastructure, and medical facilities in Wokha were pathetic and hence that should be enough reason for the citizens of Wokha to cast their vote for Congress.

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