Mokokchung, 20 August (MTNews): To promote improved farming practices and enhance the production rate of swine, the Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) of Kobulong block in Mokokchung organized a training session on the topic “System of Feeding and Biosecurity in Swine” at Longpa village on 19 August. Dr Chubasanen, the District Livestock Development Officer & General Manager of the Mini Dairy Plant in Mokokchung, served as the resource person for the program.




The training began with a challenge from Dr Chubasanen to the farmers, urging them to embrace a strong desire to learn and apply these newfound insights in their agricultural ventures. He stressed the importance of meticulous planning before engaging in swine rearing. The resource person extensively covered various methods of feeding and encouraged the incorporation of company feeds due to their multiple benefits.


Dr Chubasanen elaborated on biosecurity measures, emphasizing that their application significantly reduces the likelihood of introducing and spreading pathogens within the farm. Practical guidance was provided on the preparation and application of a potash solution to disinfect pig sties. Additionally, topics such as dewormer administration, swine care, and management were highlighted.


A productive interaction session between the farmers and the resource person ensued, allowing for valuable insights and questions to be shared. The program concluded with words of gratitude from Nungsang Aier, the Chairman of the Village Council.


At the program’s conclusion, potash and dewormer were distributed to the attending farmers. A total of 22 farmers took part in the training program.


Production Technology of Onion

ATMA Kobulong block further organized a demonstration on ‘Production Technology of Onion’ at Longpa village on 19 August. The primary objective was to promote onion cultivation and educate farmers about improved practices to achieve better quality and higher yields, ultimately leading to increased income. C Amongla Jamir, Block Technology Manager (BTM), acted as the resource person for the program.




During the session, the resource person highlighted that onion holds significant value as a commercial crop in India, serving both domestic consumption and export markets. She stressed the importance of proper nursery bed maintenance and management. The resource person provided detailed insights into various aspects of onion cultivation, including sowing, land preparation, planting methods, seed rates, spacing, irrigation, weeding, fertilizer application, harvesting, and storage. To enhance understanding, a hands-on demonstration of nursery bed preparation was conducted. As the program concluded, onion seeds were distributed to the participating farmers. In total, 11 farmers attended the program.

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