Longpa, 5 June (MTNews): In an effort to create awareness and enhance the production and consumption of millets, the Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) organized a comprehensive training session on “Production Technology of Millets” at Longpa village today. The event aimed to educate farmers about the numerous benefits of cultivating millets and their significant role in sustainable agriculture.





The resource person for the program, Tsuktirenla S Jamir, Assistant Technology Manager, ATMA Kubolong Block stated that millets are climate-smart crops with exceptional health benefits, while also being economically important. She highlighted the cost-effectiveness of cultivating millets, mentioning that millet seeds can be stored for extended periods and that millets possess superior nutritional content compared to other cereal crops such as rice and wheat.


The resource person shed light on the high demand for millets in the market, underscoring the potential economic opportunities for farmers in this sector. She also informed the farmers that 2023 has been designated as the International Year of Millets, further emphasizing the global recognition and support for millet production. She covered all aspects from its origin, the various types of millets, climate and soil requirements, spacing, seed rate, intercultural operation, cropping system and harvesting and post-harvest management.


Further, value added products of millets were discussed. Later, seed trays were distributed to the farmers. Altogether 23 farmers participated in the program.

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