Mokokchung, January 29 (MTNews): Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA), Ongpangkong North Block, Mokokchung conducted demonstration programs at Longsa and Chubayimkum villages on Saturday.



Resource person Watisenla Imchen, BTM demonstrated on the topic “Improved cultivation practices for Millet (Foxtail Millet variety Local).”


“Millets popularity is slowly rising again and many efforts are going on to make them mainstream. A balanced approach to bring the crop back in the public consciousness and also due to its high resistance against harsh conditions, millets are sustainable to the environment and provide high nutritional value,” an update received here said.


Hands-on practical at farmers’ field like land preparation, seed rate, selection of good quality seeds and sowing methods were demonstrated. The resource person also briefed on growth and flowering stage, and maturity indices for harvesting the crop.


Further, demonstrations at farmers’ field was also facilitated by resource person Nuksunginla Jamir ATM on the topics “Good agricultural practices of Chili variety F1 Agni 7282” and “Package for Practices of Potato var. Kufri Jyoti” where performing field operations such as nursery, raised bed preparation, line sowing, methods of seed treatment of chili var local (check) and seed potato were demonstrated, the update said.


Jamir also stressed on hardening of seedlings before transplanting, time of planting, spacing intervals, selection of hybrid seed, pest and diseases control of chilli cultivation and land preparation, planting method, earthen up and mulching, consistent irrigation schedules, harvesting techniques and curing of potato cultivation.


Inputs like seeds, Neem cake, biopesticides were distributed to all the farmers. Altogether 25 farmers attended the various demonstration programs.

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