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Longkhum, 15 December (MTNews): The Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA), Ongpangkong South block, Mokokchung inaugurated the ‘Farm School on Piggery Unit’ on December 14 at Longkhum village.

ATMA farm school piggery
During the inaugural program, Bendangkumzuk, BTM, Ongpangkong South Block, delivered the welcome address and briefed the farmers on the concept, functioning, and operationalization of Farm School. He highlighted the role of a Farm School Teacher, emphasizing that the setup would provide opportunities for employment, self-sustenance, and serve as an example to uplift the livelihood of the farming community.
Sakotoshi, a progressive farmer, was selected as the Farm School teacher, sharing knowledge and experiences in Piggery farming. The farm, established in 2020 with 9 piglets, aimed to provide income to the family. Sakotoshi, alongside piggery farming, also adopted honey bee farming and various other seasonal crops, noting that growing vegetables like sweet potato and tapioca contributed to the pig feed.
For the training session, Nokcha Imchen, a progressive farmer, served as the resource person. He described how his motivation led him to take up piggery farming as a source of income, emphasizing care, feeding, hygienic maintenance, sufficient drinking water supply, periodic sanitation of the pig sty, and the importance of avoiding visitors during disease outbreaks. He further explained the timely intake of B-Com Plus (B-Complex, Amino Acid, Concentrate Liquid), Immune, and B to Z vitamins for a strong immune system.
The training program concluded with discussion and interaction sessions, followed by the distribution of wheat bran and B Complex Vitamins. Nine farmers (6 females, 3 males) attended the program along with ATMA staff.

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