Mokokchung, March 13 (MTNews): An awareness program on glaucoma program was held at Dr Imkongliba Memorial District Hospital (IMDH) on 13 March in commemoration of the World Glaucoma Week 2023.



The keynote address was given by Dr Marina Yaden, Medical Superintendent, IMDH where she emphasized on the importance of the World Glaucoma Week.


The theme speaker, Dr Renjano, Ophthalmologist IMDH spoke on the early diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma for prevention of needless visual impairment and blindness due to glaucoma.


Aptly called the “sneak thief of sight” she stated that glaucoma can affect anyone and the damage is irreversible and symptomatic only when the visual loss and damage is advanced.


The program was chaired by Dr Martula and invocation was pronounced by Chubayangla and attended by the school of nursing, staff and doctors of IMDH.

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