Dimapur, 10 October (MTNews): The Business Association of Nagas (BAN) celebrated a historic day with the inauguration of its new secretariat office, situated on the 2nd Floor of Ours Building in DC Court Junction, Dimapur on Tuesday. The event garnered a distinguished assembly, including past and present members, former BAN presidents, and individuals who have been integral to BAN’s journey since its inception.


BAN business association of Nagas


MLA Jwenga Seb graced the occasion as both the special guest and as a distinguished former Executive Council Member of BAN. The inauguration commenced with a heartfelt opening prayer by Pastor Jack Pucho from The Warehouse Church, invoking blessings for the new office and its future endeavors. This solemn moment was followed by MLA Jwenga Seb conducting the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Attendees were subsequently invited to explore the newly remodelled premises and take a tour of the office.

During his inaugural speech, Jwenga Seb emphasized that he was speaking as a BAN member rather than an MLA. He underscored BAN’s pivotal role in advancing economic prosperity in Nagaland and commended the organization’s unwavering commitment to its mission. He reminded everyone of one of BAN’s core objectives – to foster collaboration among the Naga people, harnessing the collective strength of the community to achieve greater heights together.

The inauguration of the new secretariat office marked a triumphant milestone, reaffirming BAN’s enduring dedication to the growth and progress of Nagaland’s business community.
The association eagerly anticipates utilizing its new office as a focal point for innovation, cooperation, and positive transformation within the region’s business landscape.

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