Dimapur, 15 June (MTNews): Business Association of Nagaland (BAN) president L Mongkum Jamir said BAN will actively expand their business network across the globe forging valuable connections and partnerships to foster international collaboration and unlock new opportunities. He said that BAN is determined to eradicate monopolistic practices in business, promoting healthy competition and creating a level playing field for all entrepreneurs.




He said this during the BAN Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at Hotel Saramati, Dimapur on 15 June.


In his presidential address, Jamir said that over the past year the association has accomplished several milestones and have successfully organized industry events, facilitated meaningful networking opportunities and advocated policies that promote growth and sustainability.


“These achievements were a testament to the collective efforts and unwavering dedication of our members,” he stated.


On BAN’s commitments, Jamir said that the association will tirelessly strive to enhance the state’s economy, driving growth, prosperity and opportunities for all. He said that BAN will work diligently to support and empower entrepreneurs, fostering an environment that nurtures innovation and success. He also said that the association will collaborate closely with the Government to ensure that schemes, programs and contracts are rightfully awarded to deserving entrepreneurs, fostering a fair and inclusive business environment.


He said that the AGM serves as a platform to reflect on accomplishments but also presents an opportunity to identify areas for improvement and define future priorities. He encouraged each member to actively participate in the discussions, share valuable insights and contribute to shaping BAN’s strategic roadmap.


BAN Advisor Nibu Nagi in his address spoke about his journey as a businessman and encouraged entrepreneurs to persevere in their business and work hard.


Dr Yan Murry presented the General Secretary’s report which highlighted various accomplishments and activities of the association.


Presentation of previous year’s financial statements and budget was tabled. Agendas by BAN members were also discussed.


Later in the day, the Annual General Meeting of BAN Thrift and Credit Cooperative Society Ltd. was held where shareholders attended. The meeting was conducted by its CEO Sashi Pongener.

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