Regarding a WhatsApp message doing the rounds about a Marepkong ward resident in Mokokchung town who was purportedly attacked and killed by a wild bear on his way to the forest, the Chairman of Marepkong Ward clarified to this newspaper that the man sustained injuries but is alive and being treated in a hospital in Dimapur.


Talking to Mokokchung Times, the Chairman said that the victim belongs to the Phom Naga community, a retired policeman, and not as reported on the Whatsapp message that has been widely circulated.


He stated that Phom and his friends were on their way to the forest when the attack happened. The incident reportedly occurred in the area below Police Station II in Marepkong Ward on 16 March.


The chairman went on to say that after learning about the incident, he went to Phom’s residence on 17 March and met his children, who informed him that their father was safe.


It was also revealed that Phom was initially treated at Dr Imkongliba Memorial District Hospital (IMDH), Mokokchung before being transferred to Dimapur for further treatment.

“His children informed me that their father is in better health condition,” the chairman said.


Mokokchung Times

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