Being Feminine

Being Feminine


Being feminine doesn’t make her weak.
Her frame was taken from Adam’s ribs.
Yes! Tools that were used to craft her were already prepared.
Well, that’s what makes her unique and matchless.
If the world is poisoned, she is the only cure.
And if you are looking for a solution
She is the answer
Her prayers never go unanswered.
Her creator knows she is the masterpiece.
She can carry a world within her.
And give birth to heroes like you.



But hey! You have concealed her footprints
Civilization has abandoned her tales of victory.
Her works hushed in the walls of history
Her contributions to different strata overlooked
Addressed as inferior sex, she is subdued and misjudged.
Inequality, condemnation, condonement and discrimination.
Permanent attestation of stigmatization!
Is this how you understand masculinity?
Death before being born
Alas! No one to mourn.
All fractions of her feminine body voice out a recital.
Evidence of what she has endured.



But you know, she is a survivor.
You might abandon her like a fatherless
You might reject her like an unwanted object
You might abuse her like you own her
But she is like the water that will cut through all your strong erected rocks
With her persistent strength,
She will survive.
You might let her work from Sunrise to Sunset
Do you think she is a living machine?
But her sweats will be transformed into ointment,
To strengthen her bones and muscles.
She will survive.



Her feminine strength roars like a Lion,
as she walks down the streets of life,
Her presence elevates the human race.
She hoards for herself nothing,
But gives to others in need everything.
She cares and help without ceasing,
Indeed, her good virtues ever increasing.
She is not lured by the worldly gains and pleasure
But leaning on God’s word is her only leisure.
Being Feminine never meant she is weak.
In fact, she is a warrior descendant of the Most High.
She knows to whom she belongs.



(This poem was recited on the occasion of International Women’s Day on 8th March, 2023 at Clark Theological College by Ms. Lanuinla who is pursuing her M. Th studies at CTC.)


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