Nagaland’s rapper, Moko Koza, released the official music video ‘Boy from the Hills’ on September 18, 2023, once again instilling a deep sense of pride in Naga culture and rekindling appreciation for storytelling through art. The music video premiere took place at the Regional Centre for Excellence in Music & Performing Arts (RCEMPA), Jotsoma, Nagaland.


Moko Koza


Moko, known for his exceptional storytelling through music, candid lyrics, and distinctive rapping style, has once more delighted fans and music enthusiasts as he narrates and explores the impact of World War 2 in Nagaland and the unwavering determination of the Naga community in safeguarding their cultural heritage.


Infinity INC, the recording label behind the video, aptly described ‘Boy from the Hills’ as a “heartfelt homage to the resilience of Nagaland’s elders during a crucial historical era.” The combination of compelling storytelling and captivating visuals paints a vivid picture of the past, honoring the sacrifices and strength of Nagaland’s forebears.


The visual spectacle of ‘Boy from the Hills’ is the result of an exceptional collaboration. Directed by Asalie Peseyie, filmed by San Production, and shot by Sanen Kichu, this project is truly a work of art, with viewers finding its cinematography ‘captivating.’ Produced by Rylo and Ina and promoted by Digital 112, the video is a testament to the unity and creativity of Nagaland’s artistic community.


The premiere event for ‘Boy from the Hills’ was nothing short of spectacular. Dignitaries, friends, family, and ardent supporters filled the venue to witness the premiere. Among the distinguished guests was Abu Metha, Adviser to the Chief Minister and Chairman of IDAN, who graced the event as a special guest.


Metha, deeply moved by Moko Koza’s music and unwavering dedication to his craft, extended his heartfelt appreciation to both the artist and Infinity Inc. He lauded their consistent efforts in nurturing local talent within the Nagaland music industry, recognizing their role in fostering local talent within the Nagaland music scene.


Following the screening of ‘Boy from the Hills,’ Abu Metha implored all Nagas to watch the video, emphasizing its power to transcend music and encapsulate history. Metha also extended congratulations to the entire team behind the video, acknowledging them as outstanding ambassadors of Nagaland and the Naga people.


The event also saw the presence of Theja Meru, Chairman of the Task Force for Music and Arts (TAFMA); Hovithal Sothu, Project Director at TaFMA; and Medovilie Ladu, Joint Director of the Agriculture Department.


Theja Meru, Chairman of TaFMA; Asalie Peseyie, CEO of Infinity Inc., and the artist Moko Koza, who expressed his deep gratitude for the overwhelming support, also spoke at the event.


About ‘Boy From The Hills’ (music and video)

‘Boy From The Hills’ is more than just a song; it’s a powerful narrative that echoes the stories of our ancestors, the resilience of our people, and the indomitable spirit of Nagaland. The song speaks of a past marked by the Battle of Kohima, a turning point in history. It brings to life the tales of World War 2, the Japanese invasion, and the strength of Naga mothers who sang lullabies amidst the horrors of war.


The video is available on YouTube (Moko Koza’s channel)


About the Artist

Moko Koza, an Indian rapper and songwriter from Nagaland, is renowned for his contributions to the local music scene. He is signed to and managed by the music label Infinity Inc.
Moko Koza’s impact extends beyond music; he maintains a strong connection with his roots and actively addresses social issues within his state, earning the admiration of his fans.


Moko Koza’s talent has gained recognition on a wider scale with accolades like the Best Hip-Hop/Rap award at the 2023 Radio City Freedom Awards and more recently, the prestigious TaFMA Excellence Award 2023 in the field of music presented by the Governor of Nagaland, La. Ganesan.


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