Kohima, 15 April (MTNews): The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Nagaland, Vyasan R, has issued a notification regarding the closure of the election campaign for the General Election to the 18th Lok Sabha from the Nagaland Parliamentary Constituency.

According to Section 126 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951, the campaigning period will conclude at 4:00 PM on April 17.

After 4:00 PM on April 17, individuals will be prohibited from convening, attending, or addressing any public meeting or procession related to the election.

Public display of election-related content through mediums such as cinematography, television, or similar apparatus, as well as the propagation of election matters through musical concerts, theatrical performances, or other forms of entertainment, will be strictly prohibited.

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The CEO warned that violators of these provisions may face imprisonment for up to two years, a fine, or both.

The notification stressed that after the closure of the campaign period, no campaigning activities can take place within the constituency. Political functionaries and party workers from outside the constituency who are not voters of the constituency have been instructed to leave immediately after the campaign period ends to ensure a conducive atmosphere for free and fair elections.

District Election Administration and Police Administration were directed to ensuring compliance with these guidelines. However, exceptions may be made for office bearers of political parties who are in charge of the state, provided they declare their place of stay at the state headquarters. Their movements during this period should be confined primarily between their party office and place of stay.

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