Kohima, January 31 (MTNews): Chief Electoral Officer, Nagaland has notified that all advertisement of political nature on TV channels and Cable Networks need to be pre-certified by Media Certification & Monitoring Committee (MCMC) formed at the State level under the Chairmanship of Additional CEO and by MCMC Commission constituted in the district for districts under the Chairmanship of Deputy Commissioners and District Election Officers.


It was also informed that in pursuance of the directions of the Supreme Court, the Election Commission of India has directed the Chief Electoral Officer of every State/Union Territory to constitute a Committee to deal with applications by political parties and organizations.


“The Committee constituted will entertain applications for certification for advertisement on television channels and cable networks by the following registered political parties having their headquarters in that State /Union Territory and organizations or groups of persons or associations having their registered offices in that State/Union Territory,” it said.


“The Returning Officer of every Parliamentary constituency has been declared as Designated Officers for the purpose of entertaining application for certification of an advertisement proposed to be issued on cable network or television channel by an individual candidate contesting the election from the Parliamentary constituency of which such Designated Officer is the Returning Officer and candidates contesting in the Assembly constituencies falling within that Parliamentary constituency,” it added.


The ECI has also directed the Chief Electoral Officer of every State/Union Territory to constitute a Committee to entertain complaints/grievances of any political party or candidate or any other person in regard to the decision to grant or refuse certification of an advertisement. The applications for certification of any advertisements by every registered political party and every contesting candidate shall be made to this Committee.


The Commission further informed that while taking a decision on the applications for certification of an advertisement, it will be open for the aforementioned Committee constituted or the Designated Officer or the review Committee constituted to direct deletion/modification of any part of the advertisement and as the case may be, if it is satisfied that the advertisement meets the requirements of the law and in accordance with the directions of the Supreme Court, it should issue a certificate to the effect of the advertisement concerned is fit for telecast.


The directions of the Supreme Court shall be strictly complied with by everyone concerned and it shall bind all the political parties, candidates, persons, group of persons or Trusts who propose to insert the advertisements in the electronic media, including the cable networks and/or television channels as well as cable operators.

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