In view of the upcoming ULB election, the Chakhesang Clean Election Movement (CCEM) conducted an awareness tour on free and fair elections in three towns under Phek district on June 10 and 12.

Chakhesang Clean Election Movement promotes free and fair elections ahead of ULB 2024 in Phek district
CCEM members along with intending candidates from Chozuba Town Council and others at Chozuba Town on 12 June.

CCEM members addressed gatherings in all three towns, namely Chozuba, Pfutsero, and Phek. It may be mentioned that there are a total of 31 seats/wards in these three towns.

CCEM Chairman Rev. Vezopa Rhakho said the main objective of the movement is to make a conscious appeal to the voters to do the right thing. The tour was conducted to encourage people to follow free and fair election practices. He urged the people to work honestly, follow the election code of conduct, and elect capable leaders.

Chakhesang Baptist Church Council Finance Secretary Rev. Muluvoyi Nienu also stated that the movement is not in support of or opposed to any political parties or candidates but aims to elect capable leaders who can work for the people. He strongly emphasized upholding the principle of one man, one vote during the election.

CCEM Core Committee Member Murohu Chotso cautioned the gathering against involving in corrupt practices, particularly during elections, including ULB. He noted that bribery is a criminal offense under IPC section 171B. Furthermore, the Bible is clear that we should not accept or give bribes.

Chakhesang Mothers’ Association President Zhonelu Tunyi stated that the ULB election should not be based on villages, families, or areas because the candidates are representing thousands of people. She added that the 33 percent reservation for women in this ULB election is historic for women. She further urged the people to work in unity and elect capable candidates.

Chakhesang Youth Front President Kevesa Khamo, Chakhesang Public Organisation Vice President Eyekowe Tara, and public leaders from the respective towns also addressed the gatherings.

The CCEM comprises the Chakhesang Baptist Church Council (CBCC), Chakhesang Public Organisation (CPO), Chakhesang Mothers’ Association (CMA), Chakhesang Youth Front (CYF), Chakhesang Students’ Union (CSU), and Chakhesang Theological Association (CTA).

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