The Chakhesang Students’ Union (CSU) held its 1st Phase of Education Tour from the first week of April until May 10, 2024, covering 77 Government Institutions under DEO Phek (SDEO Chozuba, SDEO Pfutsero, SDEO Phek).


In a press release, the CSU said that the findings of the tour were “shocking,” noting that multiple schools were in a deplorable state and almost every school faced issues of teacher shortages and infrastructural needs. “The data collected provides valuable insights into student enrollment, teacher counts, classroom facilities, and specific needs,” the CSU said.

The survey found an alarming lack of adequate instructors at several schools, particularly in core subjects like Math, Science, and English at the Middle and High school levels. “It has been assessed that at least 20 additional teachers are required immediately to properly staff these schools,” the CSU said.

The CSU noted that some schools lack basic infrastructure, which is hampering the smooth functioning and conduct of classes. Schools such as Khutsokhuno, Dzulhami, Rukizu, Khuza, and Phusachodu require new buildings, classrooms, staff rooms, and kitchens to create an environment conducive to learning, it said.

The Union appealed to the concerned authorities to “rationalize teachers” and take necessary steps to address the grievances and fill the gaps to ensure quality education is provided to the students. “Failure to do so will compel the Union to resort to democratic ways and means to achieve justice and demand,” it warned.

“The Chakhesang Students’ Union shall not remain a silent spectator when the students are denied quality education,” it cautioned.

Mokokchung Times

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