Kohima, 12 March (MTNews): A total of 18 Chakhesang wrestlers are currently undergoing intensive coaching and conditioning at Kisama Heritage Village for the forthcoming 29th Nagaland Wrestling Championship, scheduled for 26 March. The coaching camp, initiated by the Chakhesang Wrestling Association, commenced on 11 March and will continue until the championship day.

Chakhesang wrestlers coaching camp underway at Kisama
An introductory program at Kisama, Heritage Village on Tuesday evening.

Vekhozo Ringa, President of the Chakhesang Wrestling Association (CWA), stated that the preparatory camp aims to unite the wrestlers, foster team training, and improve their physical fitness for the upcoming competition. He expressed hope that the wrestlers would fully utilize the coaching camp to prepare effectively for the championship.

During the camp, former Naga wrestling champions will share their knowledge and mentor the wrestlers. Chisazo Dawhuo will serve as the camp supervisor, supported by Vekhriyi Chuzho and Surhonieyi Soho as team coaches. Dr. Dietho Koza, Assistant Professor at NIMSR Kohima, will act as the team physician, while David Chuzho, Associate Pastor at CBC(MH), will serve as the team chaplain.

To commence the coaching camp, a brief prayer fellowship was conducted on Tuesday evening by Team Chaplain David Chuzho, Associate Pastor at CBC(MH).

Among the selected wrestlers for the Naga style category are Venuzo Dawhou (Chokri Area), Vemele Thingo (Chokri), Rukukhoto Khesoh (Chozuba area), Huluyi D Vadeo (Secheku area), Kuneshoyo Zuo (Chozuba), Kuluvezo Soho (Phek), Cuhuta Theluo (Secheku), Rukulhu Phesao (Chozuba), Pfusato Tetseo (Chokri), Sao Vezuh (Phek), Vekhosazo Doso (Chozuba), Ruvezo D Vadeo (Secheku), Vevokho Ruho (Chokri), Thuputha Hesuh (Secheku), Huravo Vadeo (Secheku), Venu Vadeo (Chozuba), Serayi Tetseo (Phek), and Besukhozo Resu (Chokri).

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