Historical accord echoes through Tuensang’s Parade Ground on Day 2 of the Chang Nagas’ Paonglüm Festival

In Tuensang’s Parade Ground on the second day of the Chang Nagas’ Paonglüm Festival, the Sumi Hoho and Chang Khulei Setshang (CKS) formally rekindled the “Lamshok” or “Peace Treaty” today. This significant pact, originally established in 2019 in Zunheboto, signifies a shared commitment between the two Naga communities to renew the peace agreement, known also as the friendship treaty, every five years.

H. Tovihoto Ayemi Advisor Tribal Affairs and Election speaking on the 2nd Day of Poanglüm Mini Hornbill Festival at Tuensang on 12th January 2024. (DIPR photo)

The origins of this historic treaty date back to February 28, 1978, when a member of a group of Sumi men, engaged in the construction and maintenance of the Tuensang-Longleng Road in Tuensang village, tragically shot an individual from Tuensang who was hunting. The victim, patiently waiting in a tree for animals, became the unfortunate casualty of this incident. In a retaliatory act of revenge the following month, some Sumis, part of the road construction team camping near Sangchen village, lost their lives.

In the aftermath of these unfortunate incidents, the Chang Khulei Setshang and the Sumi Hoho recognized the need for peaceful relations. This realization led to the initiation of a treaty.

The inaugural meeting held by the Sumi Hoho in Zunheboto Town on April 17, 2019, marked the commencement of a commitment to peace, with the agreement to renew it every five years.

Nusanglemba Chang, President of CKS, spoke at the occasion, expressing satisfaction that since the signing of the friendship agreement in 2019, no misunderstandings or commotions have marred the relationship between the two communities. He declared, “From today, between the Chang and the Sumi communities, there shall be peace from the top to bottom, from Ministers to Higher-ups, to leaders, to people in the grassroots.”

Chang further articulated his hope for enduring love and brotherhood between the Sumi and Chang communities.

“If any single individual from any of the two communities creates misunderstanding between the two communities, the two communities will resolve it mutually,” Chang said.

President I Nikheto Jimomi of Sumi Hoho reaffirmed the deep-seated friendship between the communities and urged for unity and love among all Naga tribes. According to Jimomi, success is attainable as long as there is unity and peace within the diverse Naga tribes.

The ceremony witnessed a heartfelt exchange of gifts between tribal leaders of both communities, including representatives from the apex tribal women and student leaders, symbolizing the renewal of brotherhood and sisterhood.

H Tovihoto Ayemi, Advisor Department of Tribal Affairs and Election, graced the occasion as a special guest, applauding the peace alliance. Ayemi urged both communities to uphold the treaty not just in words but also in spirit and action. He emphasized Tuensang’s role as the oldest headquarters in the state, encouraging the promotion of brotherhood for others to follow. Ayemi also praised Tuensang’s high millet productivity, envisioning the district as a potential hotspot for tourists due to its natural beauty and historical significance.

Imtichuba Chang, MLA and Chairman DPDB Tuensang, the host of the day, urged Sumis to look after Changs wherever they encounter them, extending assistance and guidance whenever needed.
This significant renewal ceremony underscores a commitment to lasting peace, unity, and the preservation of cultural ties between the Sumi and Chang communities.

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