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In the heart of Thanamir village, Kiphire, a heartwarming scene unfolds as children gather by the bonfire near the Thanamir Village Ground. Amidst the crackling flames, laughter fills the air as they joke about how they hail from different districts of Nagaland.


“I am from Zunheboto,” exclaims one, while another proudly declares, “I am from Kohima,” and so on. The children were also seen singing the hit song “Naga Manu” by Naga rapper and singer Moko Koza.

Capturing this endearing moment is Tsuyamkiu Yimchunger, a dedicated village guard and occasional vlogger.

According to Yimchunger, during winter evenings and also months before the summer days, the children would come together, not just to chase away the cold but to kindle the warmth of friendship.

Thanamir village in Kiphire, Nagaland, is also known for its apples and is close to the highest mountain peak in Nagaland, Mt. Saramati.

This heartening scene, immortalized in a video on Tsuyamkiu’s YouTube channel, @Yams Naga Chirr, showcases the simple joys of life in Thanamir and childhood innocence.

Mokokchung Times

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