Chozuba, 18 April (MTNews): Vehohu Epao, President of the NDPP, 18 Chozuba AC, has responded to a press release circulated by Vevotso Medeo, who identifies as the President of the Lok Janshakti Party (RV) Phek District. The release from Medeo commented on the minutes of the PDA Election Committee meeting held on 16 April 2024.

In the circulated minutes, the committee appealed to the party high command to direct members to refrain from anti-party activities allegedly carried out by former speaker Dr Chotisuh Sazo in the constituency.

Epao expressed shock at the denial from LJP (RV) under the Chozuba assembly constituency, stating that they were never invited to any election-related activities, neither at the constituency nor district level. Epao clarified that all necessary information, including tour schedules of the State Campaign Program, District, and Constituency programs, had been forwarded to Dr Chotisuh Sazo. He added that they possess all records, including statements made by Sazo to the PDA official candidate and party workers, if required, for verification.

Epao also raised eyebrow over the appointment of Vevotso Medeo as the district president of LJP (RV) considering that the General Secretary of LJP (RV), 20 Meluri AC, had stated that there were no district office bearers as they had only joined the party shortly before the general election 2024. This announcement, he said, was made in the presence of all Phek District Legislators and the Election Committee during a meeting at Hotel Japfu on 3 April 2024.

Epao further called on Medeo to substantiate his claim that Kudecho Khamo is campaigning for another candidate. He urged Medeo to refrain from making “baseless and irresponsible accusations” and to clarify the party’s stance, as Dr Chotisuh Sazo has yet to declare his support.

“The NDPP Chozuba Assembly Constituency will welcome all the LJP (RY) including former speaker Dr Chotisuh Sazo if they sincerely declare their official stand and extend support to the PDA official candidate,” added Epao.

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