CHUNGTIA MURDER CASE: Over 30 people summoned and examined, 9 arrested so far

Mokokchung, March 6 (MTNews): Police in Mokokchung have so far arrested nine people in the murder case of late Imkongjiba Kichu of Chungtia village.


Mokokchung Police stated in a press release on Monday that a district-level Special Investigation Team (SIT) was set up to investigate the case headed by the SDPO Mokokchung.


“The SIT has been conducting a thorough and professional investigation in the case connection. Various technical evidence including CDR, CCTV footage was collected and analyzed,” Additional SP and PRO, Mokokchung said in the press release. “In the process, the SIT summoned and examined more than 30 people till the filing of this report,” it also said.


The SIT has so far arrested 9 persons in connection with the case based on technical and other evidence. The arrested individuals were identified as Chubanichet (31) the Maruti Gypsy driver, Meyalepden (49), Chepdakmayang (28), Tongpangtsuba (40), Lipoktemsu (28), Imtizachet (27), Supongsunep (35), Temsuakum (32) and Bendangsunep (29), all from Chungtia village.


The SIT also conducted crime scene construction and recovered various pieces of evidence from the crime scene including the suspect weapon, a wooden stick about 3 feet, with blood stains in the presence of witnesses and the magistrate.


Earlier, on February 21, a written FIR was received at PS-II stating that the deceased was attacked between Satier and New Camp area by some unknown miscreants and had gone missing.


On receipt of the report, police personnel rushed to the spot for verification and search was conducted but the victim could not be located. “Inquiry was initiated to ascertain the facts and rescue the missing person,” the police said. The next day, on February 22, the body of late Imkongjiba Kichu was recovered in the isolated jungles between Satier and New Camp.


“Police team rushed to the spot and identified the deceased as Lt Imkongjiba Kichu and an inquest was conducted in the presence of the Magistrate and other witnesses. Post mortem was conducted the following day and a regular murder case was registered at MP-II Mokokchung for further investigation,” the Police said.


It may be recalled here that the victim and his friend, both residents of Chungtia village, were returning home from Chungtiayimsen after attending a funeral when some unidentified persons attacked the vehicle they were travelling in. The incident happened in the run up to the recently held Nagaland assembly elections. Chungtia village falls under the 28-Koridang assembly constituency under Mokokchung district.

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